Callow Capital provides private equity and investment, commercial expertise and hands-on support to transform and grow businesses.

Our team's approach is straightforward and open minded with the success of our portfolio down to our management team.

From initial opening conversation, we believe in taking the time to understand how a business works, it’s people and culture to ensure a ‘good fit.’ Our ethos is on building long lasting relationships and we believe in everyone involved sharing in the success.

Our current investment portfolio includes companies from the following sectors:


Fire Protection




Retail Consultancy


Our Strategy

Working with successful management teams with a strong track record, a well formed strategy and clear vision allows us to invest in businesses for growth. Our ambition is to grow the business in value so all can share in the success.

Through our investment strategy of ‘Buy & build’, we pride ourselves on seeing the full potential. We focus on providing hands on support to provide drive performance and achieve strong results.

Using our private investment and commercial expertise, Callow Capital can provide hands on support to help a business transform and grow. Using our breadth of knowledge and experience, we can provide guidance to compliment and strengthen.


We give clear advice, create strategic plans and identify complimentary resource


We have a proven track record in transforming and growing businesses to help them realise their true value and potential


We can consolidate businesses to help them realise value


Develop the business so all parties can share in its success

Growing the overall business value for the long term future

What we are looking for

Callow Capital ensure transactions are structured to the need of sellers, management teams and employees to ensue a smooth and straightforward transaction process. We keep an open mind to evaluate businesses and ensure the transaction phase is clear and transparent. We don’t rush, as we believe in doing business at the right pace.

We have provided investment for businesses at various stages in their life cycle including start ups, existing profitable business who require capital for the next step and retirement sales for existing profitable businesses. Essentially, Callow Capital considers all investment opportunities within a turnover from £1.5m up to £15m.

We welcome any prospect put forward in good sectors with market growth. Please get in touch to start your conversation with Callow Capital.