Design Conformity

Retail Consultancy

Design Conformity works with retailers, brands and designers to improve profitability through efficient investment in lighting and electrics.

Design Conformity was established in 2017 by Adam Hamilton-Fletcher with Callow Capital assisting by providing capital funding to launch the business. 

An independant consultancy, their aim is to help retailers, brands and designers to improve display lighting in retail stores by making it safer and more efficient. By combining their experience in display lighting and retail design, we help retailers and brands by developing detailed technical briefs to ensure they meet this objective.

Design Conformity also provide consultancy on emerging in-store digital technology including software and the surrounding infrastructure. As retail stores become increasingly focused on experience to draw customers in, Design Conformity provide guidance and recommendations to help retailers achieve a store of the future. 

To support this, Design Conformity have co-founded Display Conformity (dc), an independent electrical and lighting design standard for the display industry supported by leading high-street retailers such as Boots. The standard outlines safety and performance guidelines as well as legislative obligations, design best practices and component selection.