Light Science Technologies

Founded in 2019, Light Science Technologies (LST) provides growers with a full turnkey lighting and technology solution for their vertical farm requirements.

Vertical farming is a game changer in the shift from traditional agriculture to modern 'AgTech'. Vertical farming looks to address key global challenges such as growing population, increasing urbanisation, climate change, shift in diet trends and more awareness of how far our food travels. 

A whole vertical farming system can incorporate lighting, software, climate control and sensor devices which provides a very stable indoor environment for maximum yield.

LST initially developed a unique lighting product range for large scale plant production in no-natural light growing environments i.e. indoor such as warehouses. With the lack of sun light, the quality of the light (spectrum) is accentuated to the highest degree, focusing on uniform light distribution and high Colour Rendering Index (CRI).

Phase 2 of LST's growth strategy will focus on developing sensor technology to support plant growth and monitoring. This will allow LST to focus on plant efficiency, yield, quality and energy saving to ensure costs and maintenance are controlled - a critical factor for a successful and profitable vertical farm.